IUCC 2021 - Accepted Paper List
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Accepted Paper List:

Papers accepted by IUCC-2021:

Paper-ID Title Authors
IUCC-100 DcNetCache: Datacenter In-Network Caching for Large-Scale Key-Value Stores Yingwu Zhu
IUCC-101 A Fuzzy Bayesian Network Based on Fault Tree forVaccine Safety Risks Analysis Muzhou Hou, Dan Xiong, Xiaoliang Xie, Guo Wei
IUCC-108 A Reinforcement Learning-based Task Classification Mechanism for Privacy-Enhanced Mobile Crowdsensing Strategy Mengyao Peng, Hui Lin, Xiaoding Wang
IUCC-120 A Mobile Crowd Sensing Ecosystem based on Fog Computing Infrastructure Liwei Lin, Xia Lin, Xiaoding Wang
IUCC-121 Effects of Routing Protocols on the Performance of TCP in VANETs Abdelkader Ralem Ahmed, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua
IUCC-126 Back-Imaging Scheme in RF-powered PassiveCamera System Yingqi Chen, Liang Liu, Yu Sun, Pengfei Wang, Guowei Wu, Lei Wang, Chi Lin
IUCC-128 Preserving Privacy for Edge Weights in Communication Networks Jiaru Wang, Yanze Huang, Limei Lin
IUCC-129 Edge-Weighted Anonymity for Directed Network Graph Jiaru Wang, Jiankang Song, Ziyi Wan, Limei Lin, Yanze Huang
IUCC-130 VPP: A Population Protocol for VANET Antonio Bordonaro, Alessandra De Paola, Giuseppe Lo Re
IUCC-133 Design and Implementation of Intelligent IoT Paper Pumping System Based on Face Recognition of Loongson Processor Hou Yichen, Wang Tingjun, Zhang Zhenyu, Chen Zheyi
IUCC-134 4-ary CSK Modulation Scheme Better than RGBW for LCD-Screen Camera Communications Alex Cartagena Gordillo
IUCC-136 Proactive Attack Detection at the Edge through an Ensemble Deep Learning Model Panagiotis Fountas, Maria Papathanasaki, Kostas Kolomvatsos, Nikos Tziritas
IUCC-137 IoTVT Model: A Model Mapping IoT Sensors toIoT Vulnerabilities and Threats Mathew Nicho, Shini Girija
IUCC-138 A Secure Federated Learning Mechanism for Data Privacy Protection Hui Lin, Wenxin Liu, Xiaoding Wang
IUCC-142 Spiking Mean Field Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Resources Allocation in D2D Networks Peigen Ye, Wei Liang, Rongfang Xiao, Qiang Lu, Zhongyong Guo, Kaixiang Sun
IUCC-143 Instrumented Activity Dice for Assessing Throwing Performance: A Pilot Study Seethu M Christopher, Rico Möckel
IUCC-148 Joint Optimization of Latency and Reward for Offloading Dependent Tasks in Mobile Edge Computing Yanqi Gong, Fei Hao, Yifei Sun, Longjiang Guo
IUCC-149 Energy-Efficient Power Control and Resource Allocation Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for D2D Communications in Cellular Networks Sami Alenezi, Chunbo Luo
IUCC-150 Design and Animate the Representative 3D Model of Soothsayer of the Shang Dynasty Hong Yang, Qing-Sheng Li, Gui-Li Tao, Xiao-Xiao Cao
IUCC-151 Design and Implementation of Smart Bracelets Mutual Authentication System Qiwei Wang
IUCC-155 Design and Implementation of Anti-wireless Electricity Rubbing System Qiwei Wang
IUCC-156 QoE Models for Online Video Streaming Rongqi Zhang, Xu Zhang, Peiyao Guo, Qilin Fan, Hao Yin, Zhan Ma



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