CIT 2021 - Accepted Paper List
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Accepted Paper List:

Papers accepted by CIT-2021:

Paper-ID Title Authors
CIT-100 A New Kind of OS: Auto-programming Operating Systems Juyang Weng, Shengjie Zhu, Xiang Wu, Juan Castro-Garcia
CIT-102 Simulating Network Link Compression in Loss-less Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Environment Rozita Teymourzadeh, Ramona Carmen Stoica, Robert Chang, Vahab Pournaghshband
CIT-104 Trying an IP Over NDN Packet Gateway Marielena Márquez-Barreiro, Miguel Rodríguez Pérez, Sergio Herrería-Alonso
CIT-109 The Effects of Regularisation on RNN Models for Covid-19 Time Series Forecasting Marcus Carpenter, Chunbo Luo, Xiao-Si Wang
CIT-110 Research on Optimization Strategy of Satellite Signal Processing Software based on Feiteng FT-2000 Computing Board Keyu Wu, Fengge Wu, Junsuo Zhao
CIT-111 Parallel Physics-Informed Neural Networks with Bidirectional Balance Yuhao Huang, Shaomei Fang, Jiarong Xu, Zupeng Zhu, Linfeng Jiang, Xiaoxin Liang
CIT-112 CAN Reverse Engineering based on the Differential Method Sixian yu, Guoai Xu, Zixiang Bi, Guosheng Xu
CIT-117 Dynamic gesture recognition based on multimodal fusion model Juan Fang, Chao Xu Chao Wang, Hua Li
CIT-119 BERT-BiLSTM-Caps Language Model for Screening of Children's Severe Mental Retardation Qianhong Zhang, Wei Meng, Dujuan Liu, Huawei Tan, Simeng Ma, Mincheng Cai , Jun Yang, Zhongchun Liu
CIT-120 An Automatic Method for Identifying the Microscopic Feature of Ray-cell Number Qizhao Lin, Hong Wang, Wenyin Chen, Jian Qiu, Yong Guo
CIT-123 Performance Evaluation of Probabilistic Broadcast in Low-Power and Lossy Networks Djahida Ali-Fedila, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua
CIT-125 Low-Complexity Lattice Reduction Aided Schnorr Euchner Sphere Decoder Detection Schemes with MMSE and SIC Pre-processing for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems Goodwell Kapfunde, Oluyomi Simpson, Yichuang Sun
CIT-129 A Supporting System for Implement an Evaluation Model of Classroom Teaching Quality Based on Students' Self-estimation Lianqiang Niu, Kunpeng Wang, Shengnan Zhang, Jiawei Zheng, Gang Xu
CIT-130 Classify Project Programming Languages (PLP) in GitHub: Clustering in Machine Learning Faten Slama, Imen Ismail, lassaad latrach
CIT-131 A Novel Fish Counting Method with Adaptive Weighted Multi-Dilated Convolutional Neural Network Junfeng Wu, Yizhi Zhou, Hong Yu, Yuxuan Zhang, Jiang Li
CIT-132 Sensitivity-Aware Configurations for High Packet Generation Rate LoRa Networks Hanan Alahmadi, Fatma Bouabdallah, Baraq Ghaleb, Ahmed Al-Dubai
CIT-133 Research on Prediction Method of Underground Density Abnormal Body in Gravity Data Based on Convolutional Neural Network Rui Wang, Chi Wang, Zhengwei Xu, Hua Li, Yuxin Zhang, Qiang Li, Ziyue Wang
CIT-135 A Study on the Creation of 3D Models of Cultural Properties by SfM Using an Elaborate Diorama of a Non-Existing Excavation Site MIki Sugano, Wanpeng Shao, Ken'ichi Kakizaki, Shunsuke Araki
CIT-136 An Underwater Fish Individual Recognition Method Based on Improved YoloV4 and FaceNet Huanjun Zhang, Junfeng Wu, Hong Yu, Weifang Wang, Yuxuan Zhang, Yizhi Zhou
CIT-137 On Data Wastage When User Becomes Idle in HTTP Adaptive Streaming Thai Duong Tran, Chanh Minh Tran, Hoang Hai Tran, Eiji Kamioka, Phan Xuan Tan
CIT-140 Privacy Preservation of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Anifat Olawoyin, Carson Leung



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