Camera-Ready Paper Instructions for
and the Associated Symposiums and Workshops


Please read the following notes before working on the camera-ready paper:

1.    Important Dates:

Camera-Ready Paper Submission Due: 13 October 2023 (Firm Deadline)
Signed Copyright Release form Submission Due:
13 October 2023 (Firm Deadline)
Author Registration Due: 13 October 2023

2.    Formatting Your Paper

Your final papers MUST be formatted to Manuscript Formatting Guidelines provided below. It is highly recommended that you proofread and check the layout of your paper BEFORE submitting it to PDF eXpressTM.

The camera-Ready Paper should follow the IEEE CS two-column 8.5" x 11" format with 8 pages for main conference and 6 pages for workshops. 4 additional pages are allowed to purchase.

Formatting Instructions:
8x5 x 11 2-column Word Template
8x5 x 11 2-column LaTeX Template (Be sure to use the template's conference mode.)
LaTeX Instructions
LaTeX Bibliography Files

3.    The author kit and detailed instructions on formatting and uploading the camera-ready paper can be found at!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=1eH3NM1HQZVu88dwUAP9VJ

Authors should use this URL link to:

o   Verify/convert their paper using PDF eXpress

o   Submit their paper's copyright

o   Submit their final paper

Please use your email address to create an account for viewing the instructions from IEEE and submitting your camera-ready paper and copyright form.